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Buckle up! Breitling is inviting you on a quick flight on which the pilot’s B55 Connected Breitling replica watches will serve as the plane’s logbook. The estimated flight time depends. Is your stomach ready?

What happens inside a human being during an aerobatic maneuver? To get an idea, simply put your washing machine on spin mode and pretend to Breitling  Navitimer Replica watch a pivotal episode of Game of Thrones, panting and sweating! At altitudes of 30 to 100 meters and at speeds of 250 to 700 km/h, the body undergoes accelerations ranging from -2 G to +8 G.

To record these details,Breitling has designed a smart fake Breitling watch that connects to a smartphone to make certain adjustments and record information. The B55 Connected has a titanium case with a black, carbon-based coating, two LCD screens and a SuperQuartz movement. It offers several functions intended for pilots: an electronic tachymeter, a countdown/count-up system (Mission Elapsed Time) and even a flight chronograph.

But there isn’t an “I want to get out” function for passengers, just yet…